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Blight [EP]

by Stay Inside

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Eraser 03:46
Have you heard the news that I haven’t changed? Been a while since I’ve been by. Hope you’re the same. Do you wish that you had stayed? Does it hurt when you decay? Do you ever think that maybe things won’t turn out okay? Do you pray for me to change? Draw a strike across my name? Do you think it takes a while ‘til the fragments fade away? Do you blame it on yourself? Do you think that this will help? Are you cutting off your hands so you can just forget how you felt? Well If you wanna go, maybe you should go. Uh, you can pay for grip that’s so tight it separates your blood, makes your head numb. It makes my face wither from your mind. They’ll soak it in a jar so it’s not hard, and then they’ll take all the moments I liked. I’m faded in a crowd, now I’m blurred out. So aren’t you happy about it? I’m so happy about it. I hope you don’t forget how you felt. Now you’re crumbling away from here.
Hollow 04:10
So I just sit there with my arms wide. I think I used up all my good lies. Oh god, you started losing everything before you tried to tell yourself to stop. The sulfur’s serenading your membrane. I’m staring at the side of your bed frame, like maybe you could tell me I could put my hands together, I could wash it all away, and there’s no harm. No one would ever know. I wish you’d tell me you could bind it all together, let it fasten at your sleeve, but you’re swapping out your stories, and you think this stuff is working for me. I’m sorry. I wish I could agree. You’re so hollowed out. You went so far down. Do you solder breaks or disintegrate? Well can’t you take it back? Well can’t you blame it on a little gap in accuracy? I guess I’m speaking half truths. It gets so flattering pretending that you know what I mean. You were sewing together a narrative, then you were scratching out the seams, and I was validating every fabrication you’d weave. Maybe (Is this) we could (everything you wanted?) settle in to watch it all dissolve and fall apart. Where’d you go wrong? It’s nothing but a hole in your heart (Between your hands and the path,) They’ll notice when it seeps through your arms. (can you take it back?)
Fracture 02:54
You bifurcate. You’re too far. Constellations fall apart in your arms. There’s no chart. Crawl home, let it settle down. Anyone else, they’d collapse now. Rot out. You’re home feeling awful again. It’ll rot out. Go on, let your body decay. Carve out ‘til it’s gone. Arms so brittle, scars float off.
Spore 04:13
I bet your summer set that you sever heads so you know that you’ll forget. I bet your summer set that you sever limbs to get rid of your mess. It seeps on through, right into your room, and it moves the way you said you wanted to move. It speaks, and it steals, takes your hands off the wheel. You’ll never need control if you can’t really even feel. It gets in, right through your head, just to poison all of your circuitry and stems. It tells you to reinvent You eradicate, don’t you know it’s all pretend? God we’re too young. I swear I won’t let it happen to me. It’s pulling at the fabric. You’re purging through the lattice. You’re always wasting your worth. You’re always thinking the worst is happening. Before you gets to the chorus, you’re already wondering why you’re not happy here. God we’re too young. I swear I won’t let it happen to me.
Dissolve 03:34
It had soaked through your socks and your bones. What are you waiting for? You were plugging up leaks with your clothes, as I walked overboard. Tied a rope through the holes in your spine. I’m still dragging behind. Get me out of here. To salt your wounds, you sink inside your wake. The carcass groans, but I can't look. A searchlight filled the stage where you're awake. Illuminates the fragments you left spinning in the drain. You’ll wash out of here.


released June 3, 2022

Vishnu Anantha - Drums
Chris Johns - Vocals + Guitar
Chris Lawless - Guitar + Vocals
Bryn Nieboer - Bass + Vocals

Produced by Jon Markson
Mastered by Mike Kalajian

Artwork by Zach Brown
Design & Layout by Vishnu Anantha


all rights reserved



Stay Inside New York

bryn, vishnu, chris, chris

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