The Sea Engulfs Us and the Light Goes Out [EP]

by Stay Inside

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released February 23, 2018

- Vishnu Anantha (drums)
- Bartees Cox (guitar/vocals)
- Chris Johns (guitar/vocals)
- Bryn Nieboer (bass/vocals)

- Art by Jackson Seidenberg and Vishnu Anantha. Original Painting by Christina Graham
- Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Jesse Cannon, Mike Oettinger, and Brian DiMeglio at Cannon Found Soundation
- Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
- Released by Old Press Records

- Thanks to our friends and family, Good Looking Friends, Nervous Dater, Cold Wrecks, CUTTERS, Washed Up Emo, Jackson, Ceilidh, Yunck, Salyers, Andy, Zahra, Ellie


all rights reserved



Stay Inside New York

bryn, vishnu, chris, chris


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Track Name: Advice from a Caterpillar
Creepin, i could do this shit here every weekend
Turning upside down again, that’s what I get for dreaming
Everytime I come around she ask why I’m leavin
Screaming down the alleyway you know the chalk is streaming
Pavement, I don’t fuck with nothing but the payment
Falling out the window slow motion, what a shame man
I don’t wanna fake this, Everytime I think I wanna stay I
Run away.

Are you listening? Despite these walls we seek
I can feel it. And I cannot be saved.
If I just walk away. If I just hide and act like nothing solves your bullshit
Nothing will change and this is not perfect.

I was on my way it was a sinking ship
I was out of my league I was out of my league
Everytime I call it’s the same old shit, you don’t gotta be free, I don’t wanna be free
Every night I walk down the street alone
Every time I die, Everytime I put my hands up, and say give me everything that you fucking got

You sound like White noise
You sound like a new way out
You sound like everything I wanna say when I can’t move my mouth
I’m dialed into this shit,
What’s your timing anyway i got a favor to ask
Yea OK, maybe I’ll get over it
It’ll pass.

I wanna tell you I’m sorry, for the way I was moving I used you, Used you
I’m coming back now the hardest, hardest
There’s a way i abuse and a way I’m abused by you
(Are you listening? Despite these walls we seek. Can you feel it? I cannot be saved)

This isn’t how I pictured it. Like, is anybody listening?
It’s so selfish to think that my own paranoia is worth throwing fits about.
I’m stalling out, falling on top of my own words.
I was cutting out a little, stuttering through a long winded phone call.
I choked, well, touch me don’t speak, ‘cause your words get so violent, it’s all i can think about.
Why bother with it, when I’ll forget the way I felt?
We ask for praise, we lie and say ‘we do this for ourselves.’
When it’s confirmation. When I’m grasping for my phone,
And I’m screaming back like, ‘Desperation don’t find your way home.’

I think I’m ready to do this again, and I can’t be sorry
I’m coming back with a grip and my friends, and I won’t feel sorry
This is the best that I think I can be, and I know I’m sorry
Try to stop me I’ll pull up again, and I won’t feel sorry
Track Name: Reconstruction
It’s always Better, it’s always Better

Burn your bridges often (Burn it quickly)
That’s what I would do (Find a new way home)
I don’t think I solved it
But I Know You

I try to walk these streets and each night I walk alone
I try to run around, no one calls when I’m home
There’s times that I can’t breathe
And when I can I get so surprised that I can’t open
My eyes, every night I stay up, feeling tight
Looking left, I can’t run
No one knows what I’ve done

Burn your bridges often (Burn it quickly)
That’s what I would do (find a new way home)
I don’t think I solved it
But, I Know You

I live in a house built by slaves
Track Name: (fishtank)
Wash away
And think about me now.
Track Name: Fever and Jealousy
Everything an act and I get tired
I can’t tell if I’m a liar.
I’ve seen pictures of you there, it got me goin
Someone’s gonna come.

Probably use one road,
Tell me now where you’re at,
If it’s good I’ll go
I can’t do this, that’s what I say every time I roll

Time will tell, time will tell when i’m ready to go.
Guns Up, I’ll explode

You celebrate when lies come true.
Don’t look at me for what to do.
Just grind your teeth and run right through.
Just grind your teeth, and run right through.

Lemme tell you something
No one has to know,
See no one asked me first
And it’s easy now
To look at you like someone’s looking back
It’s better now,
But every time i wonder how.
If I could go out on weekends…

Time will tell, time will tell when I’m ready to go
Guns Up, I’ll explode

It’s better than before.
It’s better than you thought it was.
I thought you came for mercy,
Thought you were the car seat,
Now I know you never rode the miles it takes to save us all,
Thought you had the guns up
Thought you knew that I was gonna come home sometime,
Prodigal baby boy.

get low
stay close
see smoke
hope for fire
Track Name: Your Guardsmen Swarm like Locusts
By the way
They always tell you that there's no school when you’re drowning
I didn’t wanna say this but I’m crowing everyone who gives you pain
On the way
This is for who the ruler should be
I swear that he aint me, it’s all because i try

I hate it all
Oh yes, I hate it all.

What’s an grown man say to the weight of the world?
If I can’t take it no more...

By the way,
They wanna put me in the back seat like I should be
Cops don’t understand me cuz I’m black B
They don’t get me, now I got trial
By the way,
This is for who the ruler should be
I swear that he aint me
It’s all cause I tried

What gets you off
I’m waiting for a bottle
The only thing that comes down when you’re gone
And i don’t want another bottle
It’s the only thing that comes down

What’s an grown man say to the weight of the world?
If I can’t take it no more…

So what do you say?
Track Name: We Look On in Echoes
When you called, and your voice felt like cracks in the road, I corrode.
And i fell. through the window and into a hole. dial tone.

Your voice
Death knell
Rings through
Jesus christ it hurts like
Call back
Pick up
Words you left
Come home
Haunt me
Jesus christ it hurts like hell
Come home
Haunt me
Spitting up the ocean air.

I left a message for your ghost
That I know you'll never hear
I'm left here pleading with a machine
For one more second of your voice in my ears
And if I let myself believe this
Are you ever really gone at all?
And I don’t wanna be alone anymore
(Gone away)
Cause when I am I wanna motherfucking blow

I hear you, I see you
Dead birds holding closer, with hope in their eyes
I feel you, I need you
Did you think of me then, a brief flash is all I ask
I hear you, I see you
I have to believe you felt nothing, I try everyday to do the same.
following the birds out to the sea.

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